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Chicken Pump

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Item Code Color Size Neck Colour Qty
C-2105 Frosted 20ml Silver
F-548(Silver) Frosted 30ml Silver
L-0514 Frosted 50ml White
L-1019 Frosted 100ml White
CP7 Frosted 120ml
L-1550 Frosted 150ml White
CP08 Translucent 20ml
CP09 Translucent 30ml
CP10 Translucent 40ml
CP11 Translucent 50ml
CP12 Translucent 100ml
CP13 Translucent 120ml
CP14 Translucent 150ml
CP15 Clear 20ml
CP16 Clear 30ml
CP17 Clear 40ml
CP18 Clear 50ml
CP19 Clear 100ml
CP20 Clear 120ml
CP21 Clear 150ml